by underswansea


Willow is a Standard Wire-Haired Dachshund. She is a hunter bred to scent, chase and flush out. For Lisa and I she is a companion, but it’s nice to watch these dogs work, and they like nothing better.


The weather has been mild and the scents must be alive in the nose of such a dog. We headed back to the river this morning. She enjoys following tracks, sniffing along the trail. It’s a noble cause to do such work. She is a clumsy puppy, tripping on snags, but I recognize her instincts.

RCE_8062Elk crossing

I watch her carefully, seeing what catches her eye and when she puts her nose down. I need her to know my voice, but I also know there will be times she won’t listen. It will be up to me to recognize when she will listen. It could be when her head pops up out of a track or when a bird distracts her. She has a lot to learn and so do I.

RCE_8061Sniffing a fresh elk track

If this mild weather continues the mice will make their way to the surface. And then the fun really will start. But for know it’s just good to be on the river’s edge, looking for birds and following tracks.

RCE_8093Showing the weeds who’s boss.