willie . . . i mean willow

by underswansea


February can hold some of our coldest days and I’m sure they’re still ahead. We have had a mild winter, so far, without much snow. The temperature hovered around freezing this morning. I thought it would be a good day to introduce Willow to the Columbia River.


We found our way below the lake and jumped the tracks to the riverbed. She is a good follower, stopping here and there to sniff and scratch.


She is about the size and colour of Christian’s, longhaired dog, Lilly. Sometimes I will call ‘Willow’, and be thinking about Lilly and it comes out as, “Willie”. My kids were out this weekend and they thought it was pretty funny. The kids were even calling her Willie on occasion.


She seems to be a rugged little soul, looking for flying birds, digging in the gravel and wading the shallow water.


It’s grey and mild and the light is low and flat. I prefer it colder. But it was perfect weather for Willow and the Columbia to become acquainted.