lisa on film

by underswansea


The last few posts have been accompanied by photos taken over 25 years ago. They were taken on a medium format, twin reflex camera. I loved that camera. My mother gave it to me. It was manual and everything about it was slow. You would twist a knob for focus and others for aperture and shutter speed. It had a light meter with a couple of needles. When the needles lined up the frame was properly exposed. I learned early never to trust a camera. I would walk up close to the subject, meter the area I wanted to take a photograph and expose for that. Everything else within the frame was on it’s on. In these photographs I exposed for Lisa’s freckles which I was in love with.

I remember that day. We spent it in the sun. Lisa was embarrassed by her freckles. That seemed funny to me.


My mother was a wonderful photographer. I’d develop the film and prints in her darkroom. It was exciting. Each roll of film had 12 photos. I would make contact sheets of the rolls of film, and adhere it to envelopes with the negatives. Sometimes I would produce prints. My mother used to say time just slipped away in the darkroom.

There is something about film. It holds a lot of information. The whites are white and the blacks are black. It’s what’s between that makes the difference.

Lisa and I took a lot of photos when we first were together. She was and always will be my favorite subject.

I look at those old photographs now and say, ‘holy shit we looked good’! I remember those days and the fear and excitement. I remember Lisa saying, I’d remember it that way. Like the future was something real. And she was right. I have the pictures to prove it.