the chase

by underswansea


What do you see when you look into the night sky? We all have favorite stars, clusters and constellations. This photo shows one of my favorite parts of the winter’s sky. It shows the twins of Gemini, Orion, Taurus and the star clusters, Pleiades and Hyades. Jupiter can be seen above the star, Aldebaran, the fiery eye of Taurus.

It was taken on a slightly cloudy night a couple of years ago. Jupiter is no longer in Taurus. There was just enough cloud to accentuate these constellations

In the photo below I have crudely outlined the constellations. Constellations can be difficult to see in clear dark skies, because they compete with the many stars in the sky. It is funny how your eye is drawn to them after awhile, and the way you can jump from one constellation to another, while traipsing across the sky.

According to mythology, Hyades are the daughters of Atlas and Aethra. They are the half sisters to the Pleiades, the daughters of Atlas and Pleione. It is said, the gods purposely kept Atlas’ daughters out of reach of Orion, giving them safe distance from his lustful pursuits.

I like this story and often imagine the chase as the stars rotate from east to west.