leader of the pack

by underswansea


It’s been good for Lisa and I to see our kids. It seems we’re now the ones excited for Christmas. That’s our present. It’s a shock when they grow up.

Being in the city can be tough for me. My daughters help me along. I can walk their dog as much and as far as I want. No questions asked. They realize I’m out of my element. Out of the mountains. I walked Gemma early in the morning, midday and last thing at night. The weather is different. It feels colder, though it’s only -14°.

It’s tough getting a sense of direction in the city. Everything is paved. Rooftops can be deceiving. It has cleared thankfully. Orion, Gemini and the red eye of Taurus can be seen. They show up where I wasn’t expecting. The sky doesn’t lie, but it’s hard to overrule your inner compass, regardless of solid evidence. That’s why people get lost, bite off more than they can chew or die trying. If we put our trust in the sky or tides we’d never go wrong. Not so easy, however. I found a few good routes through the city.

It was a beautiful sunrise, this morning, after a skiff of snow overnight. It’s dipped in temperature again. Blue fading to pink on the horizon, the sun hits the tops of the tallest buildings first. The city is full of rabbits. They run in front of me. Kelsie’s dog keeps her nose down. She is more interested in smells. I can’t help think she’s missing out. Maybe Gemma knows I have a piece of steak saved for her when we get home.


There is a shifting happening for Lisa and I. Our children are becoming less dependent on us while we become more dependent on them.

After a few wonderful days we headed back towards the mountains. We stopped before dark to watch an owl in the treetop. Our children will be out to visit in February. Soon they will become more.

As of today I’m still the leader of the pack. My destiny differs, but it doesn’t matter, Lisa and I have a lot to look forward to on either side of the Rockies.