upcoming geminids

by underswansea

_LME9921 copy

A Geminid streaks above Jupiter and Pleiades while Orion chases Taurus the bull.

The Geminids meteors will be rolling in the next few days. It doesn’t look good. Nothing but cloud and rain in the forecast. Where are the clear cold skies of winter? Maybe the clouds will part enough, to see a few streaks. I will be hunkered down in the bush either way. If I’m lucky one will fall on my campfire just before it needs wood. I’ll cook a steak over it. Harnessing the heat of a four billion year old rock crashing into the atmosphere. Then I will pitch my tent over it. Throw blankets and cedar boughs. Bring beer cans of water and splash the smoldering boulder. Take my shirt and pants off. Hallucinate, while the stars keep turning. Build up a sweat in the darkened cavern. When the time is right. When the heat can no longer be tolerated. I’ll jump ship and roll in the fresh falling snow and shake the flakes off in the creek.