night run

by underswansea


Brrrr! I used the light on my cell phone to light the trees in the foreground.

In an effort to extend the weekend, I took a quick run behind Swansea to get a look at the sky. I don’t usually go out when the moon is bright, but tonight I made an exception. Along the creek it was -25. The dam the Dipper played in yesterday morning was mostly frozen over. There is something about cold nights and how it lights the sky I find hard to resist.


The moon hides behind the poplars.

The moon cast shadows and illuminated the snow and trees. It washed out many of the stars and The Milky Way, but dazzled with it’s own beauty.


The moon, hidden behind the spruce, lights the clouds.

It is always good to be in the bush on a crisp winter’s night. The sky can really take hold of you.


Pleiades is caught in the tree top. The eye of The Bull shines in the branches.