good weekend

by underswansea


The weekend couldn’t have been better. All my children were home. Kelsie, Maddy, Hunter, Tom and Chad came to visit Lisa and I. It sure means a lot to be together. I count these days as rare.

They came home for my birthday. We had a wonderful supper cooked by Lisa. We had the famous triple chocolate cake. Luckily it didn’t melt with fifty candles!

After supper we watched Hell on Wheels. To the delight of my children I was in the background in four scenes. In one, I was walking with a cane. In an other I was watching kids swing while reading The Book of Mormon. I didn’t have my glasses on so I was in no danger. It was funny! The kids cheered!

I can be a moody bastard. Somehow I’ve sunk in career and stature, but have risen into the bush and creekbeds. I sit among my kids, wondering how I could be so lucky.

Lisa keeps me going. Looking into her eyes, I’m the only one. I almost feel sorry. It’s never been hard to love her.

I dreamt of watching a plane crash. It came straight down catching the light. It went down in the Boulder Creek drainage. I panicked. I figured the best roads to get there.

In the early morning I went for a walk. The kids were still asleep just as they used to be. The snow has melt. It’s November. The hardest month. Cold and windy. I grew up on the wrong side of the tracks, or lake. I’ve never needed more than frost to light the way.

When I came home my kids were awake. Breakfast was ready. Lisa took my coat. And said everything is okay.

And it was.