by underswansea

star trails

Went for the mountains, following the north fork of the creek where you rise up fast, a range over from the valley bottom. The Leonids are set to fly. I needed to see falling stars. Midnight isn’t the best time. Early morning would be better. I saw two beauties. One near Orion. Leo and Jupiter stayed down. Limiting my chances. Sirius, Orion’s dog came over the mountain on the hunter’s heal. I was envious. It is strange to be in the mountains without my companions.

It was -17° in the valley bottom but a balmy -9° in the mountains. The night was dark, the moon not scheduled to rise until hours later. My heart was elsewhere. It is with my loving daughters, Kelsie and Maddy and my beautiful wife Lisa. My son Hunter helped me so much this weekend. I am proud; he is maturing into a strong, caring young man.

There seems to be so much undone. So much out of my control. How can I protect them? It was easy when they were little. It’s funny, because I thought it would get easier as they got older.

I’m tripping over my boots. Every time I stumble Lisa catches me and sets me back up. I don’t know where she finds the strength.

The falling stars where few and far between. That’s the way it is in November. I miss the old dogs begging for a bite, smiling in the backseat, awag just to be along.

I set the camera up to take star trails. Tonight it was up to me to find the falling stars. Some went up, some went down.

Tomorrow I’ll try again.