bishop speaks

by underswansea


It’s funny. The descent I’ve made. The easy thing about being at the bottom is the bosses are just happy when you do your job. There is freedom in falling lower than you ever thought. Once I gave a shit. But now I don’t humor the bosses or union slackers. They don’t deserve it and I’m through kissing ass. That may have been my problem in the first place. It’s tough pretending to respect what you don’t respect, like bosses whose only skills are riding bikes and running Microsoft Excel, turning mopping floors into projected spreadsheets. Or journeyman carpenters who measure once and cut twice. Keeping their heads down so they won’t be called on, real motherfuckers who’ve spent lifetimes in the union, learning bad is as good as good.

It’s the weekend, in the bottom, in the canyon, where if I find them at my river I will dunk them in it.