good christ

by underswansea


was calling on you tonight
between the wine bottle
and telling tales
beyond the skunk
dead on the road
the starving coyote
getting into garbage.

she looked me straight
in the eyes
said fuck god
what is he
a fuckin humorist?

good question
but not an easy one
to answer
no i said
maybe he s just
a cruel motherfucker.

would have been in my interest
to stick to the story
but i laughed
for a second there
thought i might be saved
then she said no
he s a joker.

neither one of us
were on his side
so we both knew
we could
be trusted.

my old man
before he died
said never quit using it
and don’t trust a man
with god on his side
on occasion i ve
slipped up on both ends of
the advice
and lived
to regret it.

she had some weed
which was bound
to make her horny
and me incompetent.

after doing my best
we headed for the tavern
and low and behold there
he was
dirty hand wrapped
around a pint
one elbow on the bar
eyes fixed on
the waitress s ass.

she had to ask him
was he a humorist
right off
he made her laugh
and they were gone
for the back seat
of whatever christ

still think
he’s a cruel