thoughts while tending a leak

by underswansea


the clouds are at it again
obscuring eclipses and meteors
found time to watch the light dim
with a chunk out of the sun
no sense asking for change.

stepped outside for a piss
the leaves were gone
from my hiding tree
exposing me to the night
baby it s cold out there.

that s not an excuse
nor is stage fright
i m just not used to be left hanging
it’s time to be quick about it
and button up.

the descent has not been
without incident
i d be happy for a lateral move
but even those are in the past
willow weep for me.

would you could you
fetch me a switch my boy
make it quick stop fumbling with the noose
who the fuck do you think you are

there is still time to sink
and there is some advantages
my days of suffering fools
listening to the innate ramblings
of the higher-ups are over.

the politicians
management, developers
environmentalists, hipsters, accountants
bankers and speculators
can kiss my ass.

if the bartenders, gardeners
janitors, musicians and chamber maids
had a voice in the decision making
we wouldn’t be in this pickle
but i digress.

the escalades and bimmers
sporting vanity plates in red and white
have pulled out flaccid
scared of low water, dropping temps
shorter days without meaningful snowfall.

the meadowlarks have left
somewhere the fields are swinging
caught betweeen first light and song
it’s not my country
so why am i singing?