by underswansea


There isn’t much to ponder when you set out into the bush. You better have enough to eat and be able to stay warm. That was learned to me long ago. Damn near before I could walk. It is amazing the ways you can stay warm and what you will eat if you have to.

There isn’t much that will be there for you. The stars and moon and sky are three that never abandon. They balance the hunger, cold and loneliness.

If you are lucky one outweighs the other. It is tough though. Not that I’m complaining.

I used to find the biggest tree to sleep under; knowing the years it had survived, thinking I’d be safe. Those giant fir branches would grab me once asleep and pass me to the top where I would be among the stars. Before dawn, when the mountains were starting to show, they would pass me back down and I’d awake rested.

That’s a feeling you can’t get under a roof.