no teeth

by underswansea


My teeth fell out today. Most of my front teeth were broken off when I was young. Playing hockey can do that. Once upon a time they would have yanked the remaining tooth. Instead they put posts in and affixed bridges. They have been the bane of my existence. Not only giving me decades of pain but falling out routinely especially at the worst possible time. I used to go to the dentist and they would glue it back in. Give me the lecture and bible; I mean free toothbrush, and send me on my way. Now I glue them in myself. This is not recommended. How long they last is never certain.

I figure they won’t last long. I was hoping my front teeth, or fake front teeth, would outlast me, but now that doesn’t look good. So it will be a trip to the dentist. And shit am I going to get a lecture.

I used to go to dentist who was somewhat a lothario. Every women he went out with he made his assistant. The last time I was there he had to yank a couple of those broken roots I mentioned. The women of choice looked horrified as he cut gum to gain purchase on the offending tooth. I felt sorry for her.

But now I’m old. It actually felt good with my teeth out. There is a bit of a stigma not having front teeth. I’m not sure how many job interviews I will be going to. Still it is something I will have to address with more than crazy glue.