fair trade

by underswansea


Picked a bunch of tomatoes today. The frost, early this month, kicked the shit out of the plants but, thanks to tarps and gunny sacks, left the fruit unharmed. It is an amazing thing to see these raggedy plants sporting beautiful, large, lush, tomatoes. They taste terrific. Almost too good, I’m not sure what I will do whern they are gone. It will take some time before I will be able to go back to store bought.

My good neighbour Larry came over, and with the help of some peppers, turned a bunch into salsa. Preliminary tastings reveal a quality batch.

The wedding neighbours were out this morning. It looked like they had friends and family to help them take things down. They marvelled at the garden. I talked to the parents. We are about the same age. I see why their kids watch me wearily – I’m an old fucker to them. I could tell the younger guests had big heads (hungover).

The groom came over and offered me beer. He said he had two kegs left over. I told him I would trade him for tomatoes. He said he liked the look of the big carrots. I said fine. I took him over some spuds, tomatoes and the biggest carrots I had, which were fucking big. He had two beers from the local Arrowhead Brewery, a blond ale and a raspberry flavoured beer. I opted for the blond. I don’t like my beer infused with fruit. If I wanted that I’d drink coolers. He filled a jug, which I’m damn near through. It was flat, cloudy and chewy. But it was good and I’m all about trading.

Maybe I will trade him for some salsa and try the raspberry tomorrow morning.