orion returns

by underswansea


Orion, Taurus and Pleiades with a large streaking meteor

Went out early this morning to look for Orion. It was exceptionally clear and dark. The moon is a 4% waning crescent and comes up in the east around 6 am.

At the start of September Orion was just starting to come up as it was getting light. Now it rises in darkness, ruling the early morning sky. The Milky Way continues to turn, the centre in the west opposite Orion.


The Milky Way

Saw several streaking meteors. There is no predicted shower I know of, however saw at least twenty falling stars.


Zodiacal light, Jupiter, Cancer and the Beehive Cluster (another winter favourite)

Watched the false dawn in the east. False dawn is another name for zodiacal light. It is seen along the ecliptic – or path of the sun, moon and planets. It can be seen for up to an hour before true dawn begins in the fall or after twilight in the spring. The zodiacal light is sunlight reflecting off dust particles that move in the same plane as Earth and the other planets orbiting our sun. It is a magnificent phenomenon that I always feel fortunate to see.


Orion at dawn

The sky turns blue before dawn. I took one last photo of Orion. The crescent moon was spectacular as it came up over the mountains and took its place below Jupiter. It seems like it has been awhile since I had a morning like this. Sometimes you get lucky.


A crescent moon through the branches.