just married

by underswansea



It was our anniversary yesterday. 28 years ago we were married. Our kids are adults. Somehow we did all right. One of our kids asked if it was hard. The truth is it wasn’t. There were a lot of other things that were hard. Life has a way of throwing some shit in front of you, but our love was never tough. We’ve held each other through the rough times and laughed together through the good times. We’re pretty lucky and we know it.

This morning we walked the bush with the old dogs. The colours are changing. The dogs are on their last legs. They still enjoy the sky and ground and the smells in between. Sometimes I envy the way they see things.

I made beef stew with red wine. It was full of vegetables from the garden. Maddy, said grace from Calgary via Facetime. She was going out for her birthday with friends. Once she blessed the food and gave thanks, Maddy asked Jesus to watch over her if she threw-up against the bank, like she did the year before. We had plenty of laughs. We went to bed early and woke up early. I headed for the mountains to look for stars.

Our neighbours, that burned the field, put up a sign that said just married. It is huge. I shake my head sometimes because everything he does is full tilt. He rides his snowmobile around through the dust in summer. Chainsaws and ATV’s are revved beyond their limit. Every vehicle comes back with more dents. He plays French rap and metal music. I’m not sure what they are saying, but it’s probably the same thing they say in English. The thing I know is – if you have to do it, you have to do it. It’s more of an amusement then an annoyance.

Regardless, I felt happy for them. I hope they find as much happiness as Lisa and I. September is a wonderful month for a wedding. When we looked at their, “Just Married” sign we noticed it said, “Just Marred’!

If the strength of a good marriage is the ability to laugh together then we should be good for another 28.