here is something funny

by underswansea


Have been in a low mood lately. Been busted back to cleaning toilets when the job hasn’t been barricaded with pickets. Strange days and I’m not sure what to make of them.

About a month ago Lisa read an article about a movie starring, Leonardo DiCaprio was going to be shot in British Columbia and Alberta. The movie will be called The Revenant and takes place in the 1820’s in the mountains of Northwest United States. The article went on to say they were looking for extras that looked like mountain men.

I’ve let my beard grow a little wild. Lisa said I had to try out. She told the kids. They all agreed, they said, not only do I look like a mountain man, but also am a mountain man! The casting call was in Calgary, not so far out of the way.

Lisa and the kids kept at me, so I decided to go. A choice completely out of character for me. I spend most weekends in the mountains, not in the city.

The casting call was in a mall. There was a line-up of people in leather-fringed jackets with all different styles of facial hair. I walked to one end of the mall and then the other and decided to leave. Trying out for movies just wasn’t the kind of thing I do. Lisa was waiting in the parking lot with the dogs. Two casting agents were walking up the line telling people they weren’t what they were looking for. I would tell Lisa I wasn’t chosen. But then I thought I just couldn’t do that without trying. I’d feel bad the entire ride home.

So I got in line. The guy in front of me looked over his shoulder and said, “We’re not going to get picked, we’re too old.”

He was younger than me. I thought, fuck, he’s right!

I wasn’t in the line-up two minutes and the casting agents approached us. They politely told the guy he wasn’t what they were looking for. I thought I would get the same treatment. At least, I didn’t have to stand in line long. Instead they took me into the rented empty store. Took my measurements and some photos. I filled out a form. They asked a few questions. And that was it. They said I might hear something near the end of September.

I was happy to get that far but I didn’t expect to get called. It was fun and has provided me with some material to joke about with Lisa and the kids.

This evening I had a call from an unlisted number. I ignored it, as those are usually telemarketers. Later, when I checked the messages I had a message from the casting company.

I phoned them back. They said they hadn’t started to cast The Revenant yet but they showed my photo to the casting people for the Hell on Wheels series and they thought I would make a good Mormon Elder!

From September 12th to 16th I will be in Alberta on the set of Hell on Wheels. Lisa is excited beyond belief. It will be pretty cool to see how a show is made.

Talk about funny!