crackin’ fall

by underswansea


Set off for the bush early. We rose into frost and shadow. A brilliant day lay ahead. We walked the bush, along the ridge and pushed for the summit. Assiniboine was evident on the skyline. The lake came out of the shadow, turning green in the sunlight. It wasn’t enough to reach the snow. We wanted to be upon the ridge. It’s always tougher than it looks. We marveled at the blue skies and the goats on steep. We saw whiskey jacks and eagles and had the privilege to wonder what they were up to. We found evidence of ancient creatures when the oceans covered the mountains.


Later we retired to the legion. The kids were on their best behavior. It was the meat draw. We won four of the six draws. To top it off, Chad with his sore legs, won the 50-50.

The skies are extra blue. It’­s good to step back sometimes, let others do the heavy lifting and enjoy everything.