labor day

by underswansea


The tourists should be subsiding. Lisa said our neighbour lit his long grass on fire, I was reading a book at the time and didn’t believe her until I smelled smoke. What he was thinking is a mystery. I went out with my garden hose, but it took the fire department to put it out.


I understand mistakes, having participated in more than a few. It’s the continued pursuit of a flawed vision that burns my ass.


It has become the environmentalist’s job to prove the obvious. And when the advice is not taken they resort to the same ignoramus tactics as the offenders. Court cases, aboriginal consent and denial, the endless pursuit of data and experts disputing or supporting their claims.


It’s not hard to know what’s fucking things up. Take a look at the valley bottom.

I don’t like Jumbo. I don’t like the road or the traffic. My dogs don’t like it either. They can feel me sitting on the edge of my seat.


Bad ideas are implemented all the time. The souls they crush lie under the rubble. The victors call it progress.

My neighbour with the blackened lawn started a fire in a pit. He threw some wet poplar on it. It will smoke for days.

You have no choice but to put up with your neighbour. I’m sure he feels the same.