late summer hike

by underswansea



Our son Hunter is heading back to school in the city. He is eighteen and taking his second year of Civil Engineering. I am proud of him. There are times I want to keep him close, but I know that’s not good. Still, it’s tough to say goodbye.

We spent the day hiking the mountains. We choose a spot neither of us had been. It was straight up, first through bush and then into the rocks. A stream cascaded down the mountain beside the trail. I never feel I’m going the wrong direction if I’m following water. My pants were soaked and heavy by the time we hit the climb. Hunter suggested I try shorts.


Hunter and I cracked wise. He made light of my many rests. The slopes are steeper than I remember. I questioned his route finding skills, suggesting easier paths. He laughed. When young you tackle the mountain on your own terms.

I evaluated the rocks going up, knowing I was going to have to step over them more carefully going down. That’s getting old for you. Hunter pushed for the lakes considering the reward.


The sky was blue and the sun was on our backs. We saw a black bear and a large toad. Both wanted nothing to do with us, however the bear retreated faster. We looked for both on the way down and only the toad was still there.

A nearby glacier fed the lakes. They were brilliant blue. The wind never died to let the lake reflect the mountains.

We wondered around enjoying the time, joking, not saying much.

It’s going to be tough not having him around.