late august

by underswansea


At least I don’t have to worry about freezing to death. That’s the bright side. I’ve had it with summer. The tourists, the vendors all of it! Good artists turned to marketers. Separating each tourist from ten bucks. That’s the appeal from both sides.

I’m about to start a fight that can’t be won. I’m joining the losing side, on purpose. I could show them how to win, but it wouldn’t be pretty. And the victory would only be momentarily. I’m always amazed when I meet an old person who still believes in justice. Without exception they have money. There is nothing worse than the fighter of a cause with nothing to lose.

Of course, I’ve met a lot of people that don’t believe in justice and those are the folks I trust.

Tomorrow I will meet a retired lawyer who made his money in the oil patch. Pushing forward the company agenda. Now he fights against development in the place of his retirement. Camping out in Jumbo. He is willing to fight, maybe even die up there.

I should be willing to go shoulder to shoulder with him for a common cause. But I don’t see much difference between him and the artists selling shit they don’t believe in or the politicians giving us their usual line.

Winning means getting dirty. And even then we will probably lose. But not to fight against these banal bastards would be a sin.

Here is something real. If it has an ad in front of it. Yell at it !