bishop falling

by underswansea


plenty of distractions, the sky, tv, short shorts, all that and the booze. it’s easy to keep the booze in line during winter. summers can be hard. you drink more but get drunk less.

most of my boozing friends have called it quits. moved on. some of them give me a talking to. they are vague as if they are not talking to me.

plenty of smoke in the forest fire sky, summer is dragging on. the tourists are relentless, the heat is stifling, the lake is too busy to swim. the creeks are dry up high.

where is my enduring spirit, my sense of humour. the world is shrinking. that’s what walking over ridges will do.

forest fire smoke should cool it off. come august the colours are flatter than piss on a plate. it’s the heat. yes that must be it.

motorboats are roaring. dirtbikes are exploring back roads and deer trails. anything that looks like it might lead somewhere. i could tell them it doesn’t lead anywhere.

it’s another month of this. at least we can see the fall. it can only get cooler. the colours will get clearer. the distractions will relent. with any luck.