by underswansea


Smoke filled the valley today. The mountains were obscured. Plenty of forest fires surround us. It’s dry. Dryer than it has been for a few years.

Lisa and I had supper from the garden tonight. Baby potatoes, chard and beet greens, zucchini and kale chips. So simple and so delicious.


Slinky helped me pick the vegetables. It turns out she loves kale, pulling it off the plant. She does this with peas as well. I let her dig her own carrots. She is pretty careful and walks down the rows without stepping on the plants. If I go without her, she barks in the house so I can hear her.

The week was tough. It seemed to drag on. It’s my job to find meaning in the menial. Meanwhile not taking it too seriously. Today I rescued a football off a schoolhouse roof. Once down, my partner and I tossed it back and forth. I can still catch a football with one hand, but I can’t jump worth a shit. He’s a lot younger and can’t throw or catch. I learned to throw straight from my father and be wild from my brother. Both have come in handy at times. It’s given me an unpredictability that has saved me on occasion. I can spin either if needed.


The wind picked up tonight. I’m hoping it will clear the skies.