by underswansea


Drifted west away from the creek. Denied my natural pull, stopped in the burn. Listened to meadowlarks, thrushes and a bird that rattles unpleasant, yet grows on you. My dogs are old. The heat is hard on them. I can’t deny them their walk, however. They need it even if it’s not the best thing. So I pick the early morning when it is cool. I joke with Lisa I am waiting for Mark (the Vet) to put on a two-for-one deal. She doesn’t laugh. But that doesn’t mean it’s not funny.

I attended this years DTSS graduation. Our niece was graduating. The valedictorian, spoke about not settling. It made me smile. He is the son of two doctors, but that doesn’t mean anything. That kind of hope is long gone for me. But it has been replaced with something else just as important. I don’t know what you would call it. ‘Will to persevere’, maybe. It’s not the same as not settling. The older I get the more dreams are lost. That’s okay. Somehow I feel as good when I swim or hike the ridges. That’s the miracle. It can’t be taught or told.

My dogs have slept the summer day away. We’re looking forward to fall. We may have to settle for less. Only time will tell, I guess.