old stuff

by underswansea


Lisa and I went for a road trip to the South Okanagan. It was desert country. We saw a rattlesnake. Later on, walking across the parking lot I jumped at another snake that turned out to be a discarded shoelace. The hair on the back of my neck was on end! Lisa laughed. Give me Grizzly Bears anyday!


Looked at antiques. Saw a trapped Cadillac, old mining towns that had their heyday in the 1890’s and printing presses spewing lead like bullets. Also saw rows of grapes and cherries, corn and potatoes. It was something!

It is the eve of Canada Day. I am home in the mountains. Fireworks are going off. Slinky is afraid, but is getting too old to show it.

Progress takes over all of us. We may rile against it, but it is a loosing cause. I say this with a smile. The people pushing change are a boring bunch. And I guess that is why I will always love old presses and trapped Cadillacs.


Nothing wrong with hoping for an underdog. Slinky agrees with me. Yet, she knows her night is going to get worse as the fireworks blast off.