one gun stand-off

by underswansea


Even my good friend said I’ve lost my sense of humor. My wife left me for good reason. At night shit gets bad.

Bishop was telling his problems to a stranger. The fire was tall and the mountains were out.

I hear you, the guy said, this is what I’d do. He threw a bottle in the air and shot and missed.

He pointed the gun at Bishop next. Bishop caught the pistol with his left wrist and hit him hard with his right.

The guy went limp and the handgun fell.

Bishop picked it up, pointed it at the moon and squeezed off a shot. The moon remained standing. So he fired again. A bush moved and he fired again.

The guy awoke and said, what ya shooting at.

Nothing, he said, and tossed the gun back.

By Bishop’s count it still had two more rounds.

Whatever happens happens. It was Bishop’s motto.