early june

by underswansea


Arrow Leaved Balsamroot

Seems like a storm may be coming. The wind has picked up. Slinky keeps pacing, coming over to me now and again. She can hear the thunder in the distance.

The dogs had a good day. They ran on the benches and in the mountains. In the morning, I listened to the Meadowlarks singing in the deep grass. They are hard to spot. They will show themselves if the dogs get too close and will lead them away from their nests, hoping and singing, ‘follow me’! Sandpipers are masters at this. Birds are much smarter than we give them credit for. Once you are far enough away they will be gone, without a chirp, back to the nest. Most dogs (and humans) will have picked up other scents.



Birds are extra careful of humans. They seem to know what makes us so dangerous is not our intelligence, but our cruelty. We were not given the gift of flight or able to see a mile ahead or behind. We were born into the world naked, and if we remained naked we would die. We learn early how to take. Unlike every other animal we have the ability to take too much. We can’t understand, but the birds know it and are weary.


Western Meadowlark

Saw a couple of Franklin Grouse. We used to call them Fool Hens because they let you get so close. I used to hunt them when I was a kid. Dad used to make a mulligan with lots of carrots and barley. He would say it would stick to your ribs. Which meant it would fill you up and keep you from being hungry. They were a dark meat bird, strong and gamey.

The pair I saw today was obviously in love. The male was prancing around in full regalia. The female had an eye on me; she wasn’t sure who was the biggest threat. I moved along quick, the dogs were too blind to see them. They needed some privacy, and who were we to interrupt their moment.


Spruce Grouse (Fool Hen)

The bears are gone. The creeks are filling up. They should be around every corner. A couple of years ago a few bears were found dead. They were missing their heads, paws and penises. I wonder how many were never found. I can tell you I don’t see as many bears.

The Franklin Orchids are up but not blooming. Maybe another week. The Venus’s Lady Slippers are finishing up flowering. They are about to disappear till next year.


Venus Orchids

It has only been a week and my lettuce, radishes and cucumbers are up. Everything seems to happen right on time.

Slinky is at my feet. I’ve put my coat down. She is trying to tell me something, maybe there is a storm coming from the east. I’m at a disadvantage; I won’t know it till it happens.