calypso bulbosa

by underswansea


Lisa and I stopped below snow level. About three feet of snow covered the same spot a week before. It’s going quick now.

We were looking for orchids. The earliest of the year, and the most exquisite, is the Venus’s Lady Slipper. We spotted a few where the snow had melted. They are about 3 inches tall and grow out of the moss and rotting wood. It has a solitary leaf and will only last a short time before vanishing back into the forest floor. Every year it’s good to see them again. A year on the mountain is broken into seasons and the seasons are broken into smaller times. This is the time of the Lady Slipper.


The dogs ran rampant, knee-deep in moss, clamoring along deadfalls and nose-first through bearberry thickets. It was good to see. To top it off, on the way back to the truck, we found a few bright Yellow Dwarf Violets.

We descended back to the valley fulfilled with the luck of the mountains. Very fine day.