Yellow-Headed Blackbirds

by underswansea


Lisa hung a birdfeeder in our yard the other day. Today a mixed flock of Starlings, Red-Winged Blackbirds and Yellow-Headed Blackbirds descended for a bite. What a racket! They are, more than likely, on their way to the wetlands where they belong. It sure was interesting to watch them aggressively attacking the feeder and each other. It looked to me the Yellow-Headed Blackbirds are the dominant species of the three. The problem was they all were very shy of me, so they were difficult to get a photo of. In the photo above the bird is in the tree hiding behind the branches. I snapped the picture as it stuck its head out to give me a look. It is funny how they can recognize humans as a threat while my two dogs walked under the feeder and the birds never stopped calling or feeding. My Field Guide to Birds of the Canadian Rockies describe their voice perfectly, “Strained metallic grating that seems prolonged by the bird’s unmusical efforts.” True, yet I enjoyed seeing and hearing them this afternoon.