Aurora Storm

by underswansea


Last night was an extraordinary night. There have been recent reports of solar flares. These can cause aurora storms, however they are hard to predict. I was lucky to be looking for a few Eta Aquarids meteors when the northern lights occurred. I have never gone looking for aurora and found them, it has always been by chance.

The sky seems to change just before a storm. I call it weird light. That is the only way to describe it. When I see it I know we are in for a show and I like to take off for the mountains.

Last night the lights seemed to pulse from the mountain ridges into the sky. It was like they were dancing to a magnificent symphony. The colours were mostly quick moving green. The reds and purples move much slower as they reside higher in the atmosphere. I tried to speed up my aperture as much as I could in an attempt to capture the detail. Here are a couple more shots.