april 5th – first crocus

by underswansea

RCE_43133 Went searching for the first crocus of the year. Was told by Kelsie that my April Fools post was cruel. She said she looks forward to the first crocus pictures and she didn’t like being tricked. I would like to take credit for finding the first crocus, but it was Lisa. This isn’t the first time. She’s had the honours the last three years. In celebration, I built a fire and we had lunch while our dogs begged a bite. The ice is hanging onto the lake. Ron used to say April 12th was good pick for the ice to break up. The last few years have been much earlier. RCE_4340 Worked the garden today. The soil is shedding the frost. The rhubarb is poking through. I could almost taste it. With luck, perhaps Lisa will bake me a pie in a couple of weeks. Stopped at the garden centre. They have just opened up for the season. Found a green Pattypan Squash that I am anxious to grow. Damn, those will look good on the dinner plate beside the yellow ones! photo-22 My apologies to my beautiful daughter Kelsie, I was joking before. This is the real thing. RCE_4316