early april

by underswansea


Went looking for the Northern Lights tonight. I read that there was a solar flare a few nights ago. Sometimes that means we may experience an aurora storm. The thing about Northern Lights is they are hit and miss. Tonight I missed. As I pound this into the machine they could be beaming. That’s the way they work.


Still, It was a wonderful night to be out. Very clear and only -4°c. The bright ‘star’ in the photo of the trees is Jupiter. It resides in the Gemini constellation. The red star below it is the shoulder of Orion, the red giant Betelgeuse. Orions belt and sword are already below the mountains. It is always sad to see him go. Pleiades can be seen in the second photo, close to the horizon on the left. Perseus runs with the Milky Way. The double star cluster h and Chi Persei can be seen almost in the center of the frame. A few stars are reflected in the open water of the pond.

It was nice to see a crisp clear night.