almost blue

by underswansea

The sky turned a dark blue that comes with thaw. It’s the kind of blue you want to breath deep into your lungs. It pushes on the mountains and the sky. It’s a blue that only exists here and at this time of year. Almost touching it will almost do. Like everything good I wonder if it will be the last time.

By sundown the night’s snowfall had melted. The roads are a wreck. A flock of swans are in the sloughs. I can’t get close enough to see if they are Tundra or Trumpeter. I watched a nearly full moon go down this morning with Mars over it’s shoulder. Venus was up, shining away. As it got light, the moon went down. I hung onto those lights as long as I could. Venus disappearing last, before the sun. My hands were freezing and I didn’t even notice. Only work would let me see those sights.