mid march

by underswansea


The sun has been putting out some heat. The snow is close to gone in the valley bottom. Noticed swans down the river. Tried to take the dogs for a closer look, but couldn’t coordinate the bridge crossing. That might sound ridiculous but my dogs are old and my daughters dog is still a puppy. They didn’t like being on the rail bridge at the same time. The puppy took the easy way while the old dogs, to avoid the puppy, tried hopping  from tie to tie. It was a pretty good drop to the river (if they were lucky enough to hit it), and since there are three bridges, I said,’ fuck it’. Having a puppy around is tough on the old dogs. I think they enjoy her company, but can’t figure out what the hell the rush is all about. Kelsie is back tomorrow. I’m sure the first thing she will want to do is give Gemma a bath to get her smelling good again.