by underswansea


Crazy clear skies. I hope they hold. It was extra fun tonight. My daughter, Kelsie fresh back from Vegas, came out. She is a wonderful photographer. Living in Calgary she doesn’t get to see many stars. She was impressed with the stars after the lights were out, and equally impressed with my night vision, considering, as she remembers, that I couldn’t find my boots in the closet from lack of light.

Clear nights and stars let you know how precious the passing days are.  It seems they have barely moved since she was a little girl.


We like to think it us that will live forever, but the trees tell us we won’t and the sky only laughs. I’ve started to laugh with them. It’s both funny and miraculous.

The older I get the closer I move towards the sky and trees. It makes you feel not so big. Once you realize that, things become a lot easier.


Kelsie kept looking up. I didn’t want her to see it all at once. She used Jupiter as her guide. Orion was tight against the mountain. The Milky Way was patient, knowing it would spend the entire night spinning perpendicular to the mountains.


It is breathtaking. To witness it is like winning the lottery. Actually the odds are probably much greater. Kelsie and I counted ourselves lucky.