So much for stars and walks in the woods.

by underswansea

So much for electronic chill and trance. So much for spell check and a thousand nudges to do the right thing.

The weather says it is mild and clear. They got it mostly wrong. It’s snowing. Probably won’t amount to much. As for clear, the only thing I can see is sky high, sickly orange, light pollution. I will give them mild.

Tonight I heard the familiar. It is gone – lost – expired – extinct. Tomorrow I will work for the union and try not to be ground under the wheel by apathy – mediocrity – and plain fucking laziness.

Forget the fear. Forget about washing your hands. Forget about telling stories so they make sense to the last half of the audience. And when I say, ‘last half’ I mean all the folks that think everything is just fucking dandy.

It is time for Johnny Cash, Larry Brown, Barry Hannah, Leonard Cohen. It is time to consider what we are being sold. It is time to listen to dead dogs. Like they say, ‘if it smells like shit.’ It is time to man up. Fight back. Not roll over. Enjoy boiled eggs. And smash the mediocre over the head every time they score another contract.

It is time for a new route up the same mountain. One that is tough, even hurts your finger-tips, leaves you hanging over the rocks and sky, with little chance of reaching the summit. Regardless, it is ten times better then stepping over bodies walking the ridge.

Fuck the weather channel. It’s better off looking out the window and making up your own mind.

If you feel the same here is some Tedeschi Trucks to help you on your way.

Happy Friday, warriors! Don’t go gently.