by underswansea


Mild today. Awoke to thick frost. It is not exactly spring, but the warmer weather feels good. Lisa and I took the hounds up the creek to see if we could see any birds. The Townsends Solitaire’s followed along as they have done all winter. Flying from tree-top to tree-top. A few chickadees here and there chirped their disapproval of our clamored intrusion. Lisa’s quick eyes picked up a flash of red. To our delight a pair of Red Crossbill’s entertained us. They were close until I took out the camera. They descended from the trees to the creek below us for a drink. It was thrilling to see such colour in the winter landscape.  We waited for them to come back but they choose to disappear into the bush. While we waited a Hairy Woodpecker flew from snag to snag giving each a few pecks. Once down in the valley bottom I spotted a hawk hunting the fields. I couldn’t tell what it was, but saw white on it’s under carriage, possibly a Ferruginous Hawk.  We watched it until it came down from the sky onto the field and stayed there. Dining on a rodent no doubt. Lisa and I have agreed, as we age, we always want to be able to watch birds.  Very fine day.