morning star

by underswansea


Went out early this morning to watch Venus while the sun came up. Last month, I took photos of Venus as an ‘evening star’, now it is a brilliant ‘morning star’. Of course, it isn’t a star at all, nor does it produce it’s own light.

Venus shines with a strength that makes it, by far, the brightest object in the night sky.

This morning was damn cold, -28°c. The old dog, Ara, and I drove onto frozen Lake Windermere to watch the sun come up. We stopped in the middle and I took several hand-held shots. Ara, sniffed and wondered around happy to be along. Dawn was breaking and only Venus remained in the sky; a testament to it’s brightness.

The photo above is a landscape of two photos merged together. Venus is above the Fairmont Range. The sun is about 15 minutes from coming over the mountains. There is no picture that can do Venus justice. It is simply beautiful in the winter sky. The cold seemed to make it shine that much more brightly.

While we waited for the sun I kept an eye on Venus as it remained in daylight for a short time.