do you want to share a room

by underswansea


thanks for the invitation
unfortunately i must decline
you see i m up at least five times
through the night to piss or cough
sometimes i sleepwalk
actually it s more like
sleep panic
i run
i drink
i listen to the radio
of what s on
i yell obscenities out the window
look for fights then cower
hide my head
under the covers
play cribbage with angels
21 w/devils
hide beer in low spots
tear the gideons apart trying to find it
i take pills to keep
me on the up and up
i hate the tv
in the wrong mood
a couple of times
i ve tossed it
out the window
over the balcony
i lose days
weeks sometimes
once i was awoke by
seven guys looking
for a piano
once by a guy
thought he smelled
that night
i was sharing a room
she was scared shitless
but he was packing tequila
they left together
while i was looking for ice
they were kind enough
to leave the door cracked
if they come back
i may shoot them
you see
did i mention the booze
it s just not a good idea
i must decline.