sky is clearing and the temp is dropping

by underswansea


The forecast called for clouds. Kelsie and I went skating on the lake and noticed a few stars. A crescent moon hovered over the mountains in the west. The ice was terrible. The last warm spell turned the slush to rough. Our blades took a shit kicking.

By ten the clouds cleared. I took off on the old mine road hoping to find some stars. The temperature continued to drop. The dogs weren’t happy. They really don’t give a shit about the stars. It’s the ride they enjoy.  They love running around in the snow, but much prefer doing it in daylight.


It was good to get away from the lights of the valley. Orion was brilliant. Jupiter and Pleiades kept guard on the corners. Taurus continued to be chased, while The Hunter’s dog, Sirius, nipped at his heel.


Cancer and the Beehive Cluster held a steady eye on Jupiter. A few old tracks marched across the tailings.


The clouds were already rolling back in. The dogs were happy to be back in the truck. The snow pulled the truck and I was mindful to keep it on track.


On the way out I stopped at a squatters trailer. I checked for fresh tracks before taking my camera out, for fear, I may be shot for opening a shutter. The Beehive kept me company. The owner must have been off staying somewhere with insulation. 

The old dogs and I rode back off the hill. Down in to the valley. Without frostbite. No worse for wear. 

Sometimes you get lucky.