by underswansea


Spotted a dead deer. The eagles, ravens and magpies were at it. The ravens and magpies kept at it in my presence. The eagles took to the trees. Their trust, rightfully waning, of the animal on two legs. The Golden Eagle was the closest, and watched me with disdain. It is heavy bodied and much bolder than the Bald. If it was bigger, it would swoop down and take me away to the cliffs, starting with my eyes first. The Bald Eagles kept watch from a greater distance. I jumped the fences my friend, vacationing in Ecuador, constructed. Looked to the sky to see I was being circled by another Golden. I can’t fly, either to Ecuador (which counts for shit) or the skies over the wetlands, but somehow we consider ourselves superior. That’s why we get on jet airplanes and build fences. Muddy the creeks and build second homes. A couple of Ravens stepped back to watch what would happen. Like the Bald, they were hoping the Golden would grow tenfold, so they could clean up the mess once it tired.