a very fine night

by underswansea


When I see something beautiful or awe inspiring, I always wonder if I will ever see it again. Sometimes you don’t. The older you get the more you think about it. You know time is running out; chances are becoming fewer.

The temperature dipped below -30°c. Ara was glad to be along. I wasn’t sure if it was the bush, or the stars or the cold that took my breath away.


Jupiter is running backwards as we lap her. Orion was tangled in the bush. I saw a long meteor light up the sky. It started at the handle of the Big Dipper and didn’t disappear until Pleiades.

I heard Windermere Creek running; bubbling through the ice. The trees cracked in the cold. It sounded like distant gunshots. Some closer than others. It was disconcerting until I realized how lucky I was to hear it.

The experts say Birch cracks in the cold. One can never be sure, but listening, I thought it was Spruce. I have split Spruce with big cracks in it. Instead of it being easy to split it was hard, because it twists. The cold will do that to you.

I was looking for something up there. As usual, I got sidetracked. The stars will do that to you.