first skate

by underswansea


Last week , the lake froze over during a stretch of -18°.  It was good to see. Without snow it is prime skating.  Lisa and I checked it today. The ice was about 3 inches thick, not thick enough to be safe, but thick enough to give it a twirl. I remember how much I loved to see these days when I was a youngster. I would skate at Athalmer, first, because the water was shallow. When we were kids, we figured if we went through we would only be in two feet of water. We never went through and I can remember skating on only an inch of ice.

I am heavier now. So I waited for it to get thicker. But I am still the old risk taker, so I didn’t wait for the recommended four inches.

There is nothing more wonderful than having skates on your feet and gliding the surface of Lake Windermere. Sometimes I dream about it in the summer. It has been two years since I had skates on. It is a wonderful thing. Some things you never forget.


There is nothing like skating in a straight line for as long as you can see.

Come Christmas the snow will fly. We will shovel a small rink. We will put on frozen skates, cut it up, lose pucks in the snow and knock ourselves into the snow bank.

Several people came by and commented how “brave’ I was to be out there. When they said brave, I could tell they were thinking ‘stupid’. If I were a kid they would have given me shit.

These days are few and far between. They always were. Sometimes even an old guy can get lucky.