by underswansea


The week has flown by. I chased stars for most of it. In the mornings I tried to spot ISON, but wasn’t successful. Saw Mercury and Saturn disappear into the dawn.

Tonight the dogs and I took to the creek. We were racing the moon. It was coming from the east while us from the west. In my haste I grabbed the wrong camera. Why waste the night I figured and took a few shots. The dogs wondered around in the darkness. Slinky barked at something; it could have been a rabbit or it could have been a cougar. It is all the same to her. I gave her a call just in case it was the latter, to let it know, the lame dog had backup.


Orion filled the sky. The trees were tangled in the stars. Pleiades was overhead. It was minus 18° and felt cold. This week the temperatures dropped, but it felt warmer. The grey had lifted. Tonight I felt cold. I don’t get cold very often. Maybe it was because I forgot the camera.

The dogs were glad to jump into the truck. I got the heater. Everyone was happy for that.


The moon came up in a warm haze. I pulled over to take a picture through the trees. The dogs stayed put, thinking me the fool.