morning and night

by underswansea


Set off early at 4:30 in the morning. It was a quick trip up the creek. The skies, after twenty days of clouds have miraculously cleared. With clearing comes cold temperatures; I will take cold over grey any day. It was minus 15° on the mountain.

I was looking for Comet ISON, but it was down with Mercury below the horizon. I kept my camera trained in the east, turning it once towards the waning gibbous moon for a picture of the Seven Sisters for Sister Deb.


I heard something in the near bush and so did Ara. She stayed right by my side. With the fresh snow there is plenty of cougar tracks visible. I told Lisa a cougar would be crazy to look at me for dinner with so many rabbits around. I am way more work than what I’m worth, I said. On the last point, Lisa agreed.  I waited as long as I could before dashing back into town and getting to the shop just in time. I watched Mercury come up in the dawn light as I checked my school. I wondered if ISON was there beside it.


After work, Lisa and I headed back into the mountains. Slinky ran rampant for a half hour before her feet got cold. The sky was pure steel, a colour that can only be seen after a month of cloud.

Heading west off the mountain, back into the valley bottom we saw Venus over the Purcells. It was the lone star at 5:30 pm and still -15°, but we both agreed it felt warmer. Very good day.