by underswansea


There is plenty to be thankful for.

The doctor let Lisa’s dad out of the hospital for a couple of hours so he could have supper with us. It sure was good to see him. He had a good supper.

Hunter and I had a chair-lifting contest after supper. My winning streak is about to come to an end. Which is not surprising.

Lisa and I took the hounds for a walk this morning. We stayed on the benches above the wetlands. We are looking after, Kelsie and Tom’s dog, Gemma while they are in Texas. She is part Beagle and is a beautiful dog. She has her nose down most of the time, so we have to keep her on the leash. If I let her off I may not catch up to her until Radium. I feel sorry for her, because Ara and Slinky run free. She is only two years old and my dogs were hard to catch at that age, so she has to stay on the leash. Besides, I promised Kelsie I wouldn’t lose her. If I screw this up she will never trust me with grandbabies.


Two Townsend’s Solitaire’s followed us around and every time I raised the camera they flew away, jerking this why and that, flashing peach-colored wing patches, into a promising sky. They seemed to emulate our happiness. Lisa and I laughed plenty.

Ara ran down a steep hill, for no reason, and then back up again. She is nearly 16. She seemed to do it just for our enjoyment. When she was back on top her eyes smiled. It was like she was trying to tell us something, or show us that she was happy. Either way we enjoyed it.

In the afternoon, I helped a friend with his harvest. We had some laughs. He is the most generous person I know. We did some trading. We have a rule that money can never be exchanged between us. We have exchanged just about everything else.

Lisa and I have been through thick and thin. She has shared my burden. When I slowed she stayed by my side and kept the pace.  After work, we look forward to seeing each other and driving down the backroads with our dogs. It is like we are 21 again, but even better, because we know each other better.

The trees are late dropping their leaves. The tamaracks are turning on time. It is tough to understand any of it.

I guess that’s what makes it so wonderful.