harvest moon

by underswansea


Hasn’t been a frost yet. The Harvest Moon was mostly obscured with clouds. The tomatoes have been ripening on the vine, the most I can remember for this time of year. Had a feed of beans a couple of days ago. They were good but have developed some toughness on their spine, no doubt from the impending shitty weather, still special to have them at this time of year. There is nothing like Detroit Dark Red.

Went to the creeks today. The snow threatened. The leaves are turning colour. It is easy to forget there is still a lot to do. A frost will hit soon and kill the remaining beans. If lucky, I will have the green tomatoes picked for ripening in the basement.

I talk plenty about the bush behind Swansea. It is a wonderful place. My children’s names are carved behind trees up there. I did that after they were born. Sometimes I look for them but never find them. There are too many trees and I had tears in my eyes when I did the carving. That is okay though.


Between the second and third bridge five different kinds of orchids can be found. A grove of Cedar below has provided boughs for vases throughout the year. At Christmas we make wreathes.

It bothers me that I don’t see as many bears as I used to. I travel at night now. The owls keep me company. There is plenty of rabbits. Day or night, my dogs are happy. I am starting to see it their way.

Saw a few Whiskey Jacks, two Robins, a handful of Chickadees, a sky of Geese and a black bird on every barren branch.

The winter is up there. I hope to meet it half way.