can’t teach an old dog new tricks

by underswansea

He said, “I’m afraid I’ll die before I break loose.”

He continued, “I ain’t afraid of dying, in fact I welcome it.”

“I’m getting old, but not old enough. Thank god for cheap food. The French fries and breakfast sandwiches. If it weren’t for that, I wouldn’t eat at all. I don’t sleep at night, but who does. Honest. My protein is cheap, I have even been sizing up the bugs.”

“Why not?

“The days are hot now but they will be cold before I know it. And then what?”

“A horse and carriage went over the bank. We thought about that a lot. Now they dive off the cliffs. I want to say, ‘while down there did you see a couple of horses treading water, keeping the wagon up?’”

Actually, I don’t say nothing.

And I’m too old to jump.