it’s about time

by underswansea

Went to hell and back today. When I say hell I mean Calgary. Stopped at a gas station in Canmore. Whenever I see the mass of humanity I feel sad. I know real living is preformed somewhere else. People grow up and die in that tangle. I  am sure it is not much different than the back roads here.

Stopped at a gas station and watched a couple of people get into an argument. It was a guy in a little Ford pulling a Boler and a hipster in a black beemer. Neither bended. The guy in the Beemer had a looker in the front seat. He was wearing a golf shirt and looked exactly like an asshole should. Christ only know what these mother fuckers do. The guy in the Boler was offended somehow. And started giving shit to the BMW driving asshole. The guy with the Boler knew he was going to lose. He was used to it. Just then his wife jumped out and walked straight towards the guy in the beemer. The guy in the golf shirt looked scared. The whore put her head down and checked her phone. Before he met the type a asshole she swerved for the garbage and delivered a package slamming the door for emphasize. Both guys shut the fuck up.

It was over. I spilled gas, watching this debauch. And yet I wanted to side with the Boler. I wanted to slap the shit out of the Beemer driving dick head and tell his women to find another dick to suck.

If you hope for the underdog you are opening your heart for a lifetime of misery. They are underdogs for a reason.